Below are the 10 steps to make you prepare to crack the CA CPT, IPCE, Final  in first attempt easily.

1. Attitude

The first  basic factor towards Cracking CA exams in first attempt is a positive attitude. We hear from here and there that passing CA is very difficult, and we apply same thing to us too. So we become fearful. Trust in your self and think that you can do it. Remember this golden words: “If you think you can then you are right,   If you think you cannot, then also you are right” So generate a belief in yourself that you can pass CA exam in first attempt with best marks.

So never keep fear of failure and just keep positive attitude. You should think that with proper guidance and self-confidence, you can do anything.

2. Regular studies

Sometimes some students study properly in the beginning but  they  become casual with their studies later. They spend more than necessary time  on social networks,  friends and other wasteful activities. They  do not revise with the classes and become reluctant in doing homework. The piles of homework get accumulated and they loose the touch of the concepts covered. Then they rush at the last moment with long study hours which ultimately become unfruitful .

So the students must maintain a proper study schedule where a proper study time should be allocated and it should be followed with commitment.

3. Avoid distractions

Sometimes some students gets distracted by some friends who are doing simpler courses. You must have a clear cut goal that you want to pass CA in first attempt at any cost.  You will face a lot of difficulties while pursuing CA but remember you will have to cope up all the difficulties.

Your primary objective is to win over different type of distractions and mental deviations.

4. Plan your studies

This is the most important step before we start studying. Most of the CA students don’t follow this most needed step. Remember the golden quotation: “If you fail to plan then you plan to fail”

Students must prepare plans at two stages:

Stage I: Overall monthly schedule till exams.

Stage II:  Daily schedule with the topic wise coverage. This schedule must be followed regularly. This schedule must have one relaxing day after every 10 days in which the student should complete any pending work of previous schedule and rest of the time, he must enjoy and relax. In starting your performance will be down but later you will be following 90- 95% schedule correctly. Rest pending work can be completed on relax day.

5. Prepare thoroughly

You need to prepare thoroughly & systematically. Concept clearing is the important thing in CA to crack the exams. You can take help of your teachers. Keep to the notes given by them as they are very comprehensive. Listening to others may end up giving tensions and you may loose confidence.

6. Revision is must

A proper revision schedule is required after the course is finished once. It should cover handwritten practise of important practical questions. Sections and case laws must be learned and reproduced in exams. For this one can make chart of important sections and hanged in their room so that they appear before our eyes very frequently. Conceptual pages and special points must be revised again and again. We can try previous year papers/ RTP from ICAI too for practise purpose.

7. Strategies

Always take up two subjects at a time, one theoretical and other one should be practical. In a day, one may not be always motivated to study. So it is advised to do theoretical subject/ uninteresting subject in the time of concentration and do the interesting/ practical subject when we feel little lazy. Always prepare summary sheets at the time of revision so that we can use them at the time of final revision.

8. Regular tests

A student must have sufficient enthusiasm to appear in chapter wise tests and then full syllabus tests. Tests will improve you day by day. Regular tests are very important for overall improvement in speed, conceptual understanding and presentation in answer sheet. It will also boost your confident.

9. Be confident

Basically for passing CA course, you need not to be a super genius. Don’t feel that CA course meant for intelligent students. Even average student perform very well if they work systematically. The main factor is your mind set up and outlook.

Inject  some degree of cautiousness to the brain regarding the challenges of the course. The word here referred to as  challenging and not  tough. So, just be confident in yourself that you will pass CA exam in first attempt.

10. The final BANG

Generally, the student find themselves in lot of anxiety, nervousness, and tension. If a candidate is well planned, prepared then any last minute blues can be avoided. The candidates should learn how to tackle each subject and perform accordingly. Make your examination arrangement well in time to avoid any last minute hazzles.


All the best


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