Vijender Aggarwal, (All India Merit Rank 1, and scored 94% in Accounts): “Having Sonu Mam as my mentor throughout the Inter (IPC) stage rates high in the list of best things that have ever happened to me in my life. I salute Mam for her unbelievable ability to manage numerous tasks at the same time in such an efficient manner. I admit that not only in studies, but Mam has helped me a lot in my personal life as well as professional life. I wish I could repay her for all what she has done for me, but sadly, it is not possible. I sincerely hope I can make Mam proud by working on the lines advised by her. Thanks Mam.”

Murari Lal, (Scored 96% marks in Advance Accounts): “She is very good teacher as well as a gard devotees.She is a motivator, she always in courage me. Whatever action great person perform so other common man follow him I always like this line.Class & Home Work. I was done complete home work. Home work is more sufficient. We should do work always according our Schedule. I thankful to Sonu Mam.”

Nishant Gupta, (Nov’10, All India Rank 25):“Excellent Coaching / Excellent notes/ Truly perfect class. Great experience with Mam, Sonu Ma’am Keep Rocking.”

Apoorv Kumar Jha: “Sonu Gupta Mam is an Excellent teacher. She provide motivation to us. The watching is very good and the study material which is provided by mam is very good.”

Ravinder Kaur: “Sonu mam is very good nice, helped students in every way. I just want to thanx her. She is always an inspiration to me. I am very lucky that I have joined this institute and able to learn more & more…………..”

Pooja: “For giving such a honourable & memorable moment in man life. It’s may one of the happiest day. Thanks for always motivating us. You are best as you taught us in our way, which we understood very well.”

Ashima aggarwal: “I had never seen such a good teacher, I wanna tell mam is like a ‘wings of the butterfly’. That we can’t fly in our life without that.”

Ashish aggarwal: “Mam teaching behaviour is good, knowledge wise very intelligent according to their level and mam smart series was good for theory revision.”

Neeraj Kumar: “I am very greatful to be part of SONU GUPTA classes. Being a part of this I am always motivated by mam every field. Mam always give me support so, I am very proud to teached by them.”

Swati Chaturvedi: “I think she one of brilliant teacher of Accounts.”

Deepak goel: “The Teaching style is very very good .It seems that one of our friend is teaching us. And always keep an eye on the doubts of the students.”

Mukesh Jain: “Outstanding, Awesome, Brilliant.”

Sakshi: “Excellent, has lot of patience, personal touch is present.”

Harleen Kaur: “East or West, Sonu gupta mam is the Best.”

Balwant Bhandari: “She always stress on conceptual logical portion. I think its best. She always helpful to us and also solve are difficulty regarding concepts.”

Aditi Jain: “Teaching style of sonu mam is unique % marvelous. I really appreciate Sonu Mam.”

Himani Madaan; “The style of teaching is quiet nice. Sonu Gupta mam is like a superman as the gives lectures even if the ill keep rocking Sonu Mam.”

Aditiya Gupta: “She is a very intelligent and very knowledgeable teacher. She share all her experience with students. She makes all her efforts to make her students make there contrastive to be on the top. Which makes mams institute extra ordinary.”

Ashish Kumar: “Fabulous, Just in one shot.”

Suresh: “As compare to my school level or other teacher Sonu Mam teach very well Mam give their level best. I love that style of Asking From question ‘Aarai beta bol kya bolta hai or Puch kya puch na hai.”

Chetan gupta: “Mam has a unique style of teaching, Her friendly nature and mother like care helps us a lot to boost us, for doing more efforts and tyr to make her feel her proud on us. for us, she is much more than a teacher a icon, a friend and much more.”

Himani Madan: “Sonu Gupta mam is like a Heman who works actively & even if she is ill but she is really punctual as well as honest/loyal towards her profession. Her conceptual clearily is upto the mark & her style of giving e.g. I Just love it. As e.g. gives more clearity n 1 more thing Her style of not making is to Ratta Fication.”

Mohit: “I am very a mazed to see the teaching style of Sonu Gupta Mam because she is very friendly during the teaching time. I can’t express about her style in words. She is just very good. THANK YOU FOR TEACHING ME.”

Ashima Aggarwal: “Sonu Mam is the BEST Mam as I had seen is may commerce study field. As I hope, “SONU MAM IS JUST LIKE A CANDLE< BECAUSE SHE MELTS HERSELF< i.e. even she is ill, she studies us, AND GIVE LIGHT TO US.”

Annuradha: “Punctual, she never absents in the class, clear each and every doubt in and after the class. Friendly, understand the level of student and then explains accordingly teacher and a true guardian.”

Aman Nagrath: “Sonu Gupta Mam’s teaching is one of the best as compared to other CA Professionals & that is one of the reasons why her students are among the “All India Rankers”. Simply M\s Sonu Gupta is the best & I am proud to be one of her students.”

Veenu Gupta: “Excellent, Sonu Gupta mam teach very well. Her way of teaching is upto the mark. I think she is my ideal. Her books and class teaching is sufficient for securing good marks.”

Jitesh Kukreja: “The teaching style is very good because are can understand each and every points in the chapters and we can do homework easily and mam provide extra-conceptual points to understand.”

Isha Arya: “Sonu Mam represent as a helping hand for brightening our future. She is a fabulous teacher especially in Accounts field. Her teaching style has no other comparison.”

Srishti Wadhwa: “Sonu Mam is really a jewel in teaching line. She explain every concept very nicely and has a friendly attitude towards her students. I m really lucky to have her as my teacher.”

Komal mann: “Teaching style of mam is very nice but sometime when mam gives lot of examples that was very best part of mam’s teaching. And when mam told about “iskon” that is very very nice and starting of the class with “HARE KRISHNA”. And after my classes “I MISS U” mam really.”

Sumit katyal: “”SONU MAM ‘ROCKS'” Her teaching style like mother. When mamteaches than NO controversy is our mind.”

Sheonarain: “Sonu Gupta mam is an outstanding teacher in accountancy. She teaches students in very easy way which is easily understandable for weak students also. She also teaches Costing & FM very well. She cares students as her own child. In SG classes Sunday test facility is also available and it is very good opportunity for those students who wants to achieve good marks. In SG classes staff is also very good. All staff member behave with students as a friend. Overall it was a good experience.”

Vibhor Gupta: “To talk or write about a person is not an easy task but to write about mam it can take a lot of time as mam possesses so much qualities, values and principles. One thing I must say is that mam has guided us through our destiny and will intensive to do so with her blessings. To study from mam was a great experience which I will cherish all my life. Glad to study from mam. That’s all which I can say in just little and few words.”

Amit Sharma: “I am really thankful to Sonu mam for her throughout help it was a great experience of taking classes from Sonu mam. Best thing of the classe wise live examples used to clear the concepts. Apart from her help, the qualities mam teach were very helpful. Once again I thanks to sonu mam from my heart.”

Sahil Chadha: “Thank you mam. What can I say? It is because of you that I managed such a good score. Entire credit goes to you. Your great guidance and support has made me what I am. Thank you very much.”

Amit: “Sonu Gupta mam is so well with her intellectual thinking and concepts. The ambience of NGPA institute is just phenomenal. Having great batch of students focus to upgrade my knowledge for practice and study hard. A huge thanks from bottom of my heart.”

Kriti Gaudhi: “Sonu gupta Mam is a great teacher, who always inspires us to Study.Mam got a distinguished style of teaching which make our subject interesting.”

Paras Gupta: “Best teacher I had ever seen in my life. And the best human being.”

Nikhil Bansal: “She is better than other Teacher because she gives proper points to Remember in every chapter, clear all doubts of students, by giving simple examples.”

Yajpal Sharma: “Sonu gupta mam is the best teacher and use latest teaching equipments in her teaching to make the understanding very comfortable.”

Krishan: “Best teacher of accounts at PCC level & the teaching style I likeThe most.”

Saniya Mittal: “Truly speaking I was very afraid of CA studies. But after I joined theClasses of mam, I have no fear about Accounts. Her teaching style hasmade me confident. I feel that I can do wonders if I follow her. “Teacher is One Who burn himself but lights the other””

Mohit Chawala: “Mam’s teaching style is really good. But need to give more attention to back benchers.”

“I just only want to say that, I have cleared my group because of SONU mam only. She is so loving, caring and teaches very well. She is also a philosopher and guides in my life for stepping ahead.”

Hemant Jain: “I got good marks in A/c because of the excellent efforts of Mam. They make each & every concept so easy that it become understandable to every student. Further she also helps me in solving the queries. At last I am highly thankful to Mam.”

Rahul Gupta: “As per my experience Sonu Mam is the best teacher for A/c, FM & specially costing. Her way of teaching is excellent. The best thing I like is taking care of each student. Even of their busy schedule mam is always reads to help her students. I want to give full credit for my good marks to mam and my parents.”

Rahul Aggarwal: “I am very thankful to SONU MAM for her support, which help me to score such a good marks. Her friendly behavior, always motivate us & lead us in a better way.”

Parveen Goyal: “From my point of view, Mam is best for Accounts for both groups. She gives her best even at the time of suffering from any disease, whatever the condition Mam, never cancel the class. I like the way mam teaches us, not so fast and also not so slow too.”

Sakshi: “Sonu Mam, a great motivator with vast knowledge giving to her every student at her guest.”

Hunny Jain: “Thank you mam for give me the guidance, my conceptual capacity and my help any time when I needed once again thank you.”

Mahima: “Sonu Mam is the best teacher ever. She is a great motivator not only for studies but for all steps of life. So, Thank you mam for our great success.”

Mansi Vohra: “Sonu Mam is really a nice teacher . She gave me right direction and its because of her blessings and motivation that I was able to score good marks. My family and my mam’s support s was really very helpful in achieving success. It was a nice journey with mam.”

Vaishali: “I am very thankful to Sonu mam with the help of which I am able to get such marks. Mam always give suggestion to the problems which I faced during the study time. SONU Mam, is a very great teacher. She has always motivated us for studies. Mam’s PTR’s is very good for last time version during exams.”

Bhanu priya: “Being here is a wonderful experience. Mam was always there with us. She always helped us & motivated a lot. I have never met a person like her in my life. She is truly wonderful.”

Varun Bansal: “Sonu Gupta Mam is an excellent teacher. She teaches students in a unique way which is easily understandable for each and every student. She also examines student’s homework notebook in regular intervals. She gives some extra time after class to students, in that time students can ask their queries. In her institute Sunday test were taken on regular basis. She also rewards students when got good marks. All staff members behave with students in a friendly way. In SG classes, Mock test were also taken, which is very beneficial for those students who wanted to evaluate their position overall it was a very good experience.”

Prabhakar Singh: “Sonu Gupta mam is one great teacher. she takes some time for fun in the class so that students don’t get bored. She has a unique style of teaching which means fun with learning. I want to say thank you mam.”

Neha: “Sonu Gupta mam is very friendly teacher. Her teaching style is very excellent. She arranges regular tst for students so that student can prepare time to time. She is star for students.”

Prabhakar Singh: “Sonu Gupta mam is one great teacher. she takes some time for fun in the class so that students don’t get bored. She has a unique style of teaching which means fun with learning. I want to say thank you mam.”

Anshul Gupta, (May’10 All India Merit Rank 38): “It was a great experience studying from Sonu mam. Accounts seemed the most easy subject to me because of mam. Overall it was great.”

Rahul Gupta: “You are the best teacher ever. You motivated me that yes I can become a CA. you are not just a teacher, you treated us like a family member, you treated us as if we are your own child. Thank you mam.”

Rashi Duggal : Thank you soo much Sonu Mam for guiding me at each and every step and even each and every day of my IPCC journey.  I have cleared both groups in first attempt just because of you. You are the best mam. Moreover the rest of the faculty here. For other subjects is marvellous. Mam you dedicate your soul for the students. Thanks you soo soo so much mam for guiding us and motivating us at each step.

Shilpa : Sonu mam is not only teacher but my friend, parent & also not less than God for me. Mam teachers not only for getting marks but for getting knowledge. Mam give guidelines to handle different-different questions. Mam gives us point to remember, which helps to short revision of all the concept. She makes difficult concept easy-very- easy She think all the students equally. She markes our base strong. So that we can face any difficult situation she not only helps us in teaching but we can also share out personal problems with mam.
All in all in will remember mam in my whole life every………….

Komal Jain : I don’t know How to thank, there is no words to Express my feelings. First of all thanks to Sonu Mam, who motivate me Not only last time but throughout the classes. She always make Hard and difficult Questions into Simplest form called laddoo.  On the other hand, other faculty of Sonu mam, i.e. Vikas Bhagat (Cost\FM) and Sachin Sir (LAW & TAX) are also awesome one.  All teacher make us feel like their children and treat us like their children. Thank you again, I know its not enough and know I will never return anything for this success.

Saurabh Parasranka : Sonu Mam is an awesome teacher. Trust her like goddess. Blindly follow her like a soldier. Have faith in all the teachers Present at GM Education Especially I would like to thanks Sonu Mam and Vikas Bhagat Sir who believe in concept clarity rather than mug up.

Siddharth : Sonu Madam is very good teacher and also a very good friend. Sonu madam clear the concepts very well. Sonu madam planning is also very is also very exceptional. She also gives outside world knowledge and link the theory with practical life. Studying with sonu madam is very good for me. I am very thankful to sonu madam for my marks. specially in Accounts.

Rahul Gupta : MAM IS AWESOME
Able to score good marks under Mam’s guidance. Sonu Gupta Mam is best teacher for Accounts. Don’t try to move here & there just join Sonu Gupta mam for gain good knowledge of Subject. Thanks mam for support me when I loose my Confidence.

Kaushal Sharma : Dear Mam, I would like to Say about my experience in GM, that the classes of GM running is well. & I have contributed my efforts in each classes to take lot’s of knowledge. Specially in Accounts classes as ”Sonu Mam” Gave the Conceptual clarity & I learned lot’s of the things Given by the Mam, in class. & Got such kind of enjoyment while taking closes in GM. So, I thank to Sonu Mam as because of her inspiration, I have cleared the Both group in first attempt.

Sanjay : Sonu Mam is fantastic in Nature as she is very cool & Frank with their students. And she teach very logical and Giver complete knowledge. Vikas Sir is the my best teacher still in my life. As I Never studied from this kind of teacher He is awesome. And He gives the practical and outside the world knowledge, and schedule made by mam is best for me.

Pushkar Aggarwal : Sonu mam is the best teacher I’ve meet till now in respects of clearing the concepts. The only think you have to put in complete dedication to words your subject and you will be taken to heights.

Shilpa :Sonu man is not just teacher but she is my friend & parent. She always tell not only How & what but she always tell why. She always give personal teach to us.
She is my incpiration every. I will never forget mam.

Aman Gupta : Myself Aman Gupta. I have cleard my cpt. I was feared that I could not prepare fro cpt myself that I could not clear the examination. But through the heard work of teachers of GM EDUCATION,  I clear my cpt. Thanks to GM EDUCATION & especially teachers to guide me & motivating me.

Naman Jain :GM Education is very promising institute. I am very proud to be a part of GM Education. All the teacher are very cooperative and always motivate the students to do better. They teach us how to over come our difficulties and to push our boundaries.